I am disturbed by my brother on the other room. He keeps on trash talking. The sound of the computer game was disturbing, too. I don’t know what makes him interested playing the game. So, I went in his room and sneak on his activities. Well, he is playing a computer game, as always.

In the afternoon, I asked him about the title of the video game he’s playing. He said with enthusiasm, “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”. And I said, “Okay”, as if I am not interested.

When I get back to my room, I searched about the game Call of Duty. As per Google’s information, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a first-person shooter video game released in 2014. It is published by Activision. Well, I heard about these, but not too familiar. when exploring more, i found something innovative about the betting world.

This version of Call of Duty was harnessed with technology advancements leading the players to the next enjoyment and fun levels. It is enclosed with high-tech definitions and platforms. Moreover, advances ability set and arsenal was enclosed with the game. Players will be more enticed playing because of the new and fresh equipment, perks, technology and vehicles the game offers. Now, I can say that these features make my brother interested in playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

He played almost every day, until the sun sets. I don’t know how many times it will take to finish the game. If the Dragon Age: Inquisition requires hundred hours to finish the rift, this one needs more time.

The gamer is also allowed to select between the new-improved technology weapons or standard ammunition to use. These weapons create a dynamic and active gameplay for the player. Improved player verticality and movements are the result of the great gameplay introduction. As the player, you are given awareness, endurance, strength and speed by boosting the biomechanics, grappling and jumps, and covert cloaking abilities. With the introduction of advanced weaponry and armor, and exoskeleton, the soldiers were able to do tactics and strategies in any of the game’s terrain. Compared to the previous version, this gives freedom to the players.

In order to upgrade the exoskeleton, the player should earn points during each mission. The exoskeleton will have new features that will help you succeed on every mission.

You can also play the game. As I just observe my brother playing the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, he enjoys it. And one thing I like about it is, it does not require players to start the Call of Duty. Even you are alone, you can manage playing.

And my mom likes the first-person shooter feature of the game because my brother just stays home all day long compared to playing outside with friends.

I will search for more games this 2014 and provide more reviews. As I am writing these game contents, I am learning more about the latest trends in the gaming industry. I will share it with you, of course. Keep visiting my blog for more updates.