With so many online games available, I am still happy that action-role playing video games were never neglected. I keep on searching more about video games and discovering great details about it. I am a game enthusiast and playing these runs in my blood. Yes, I stopped blogging, but I am now on track to continue my interest.

When I asked Google about the video games of 2014, there are plenty of games provided. Technologically wise, Google provided a sorted list of games commonly discussed on the web, so I never feel worry finding the best and most played games. One of these is the Dragon Age: Inquisition. Several games appear in my search, but let me first discuss this. I will discuss the rest in my next post.

I don’t like writing without experiencing what I am saying. I played the Dragon Age: Inquisition. And it’s fun, exciting and fantasy enclosed game. It took me a hundred hours to play and finish Dragon Age: Inquisition. Developed by Bioware, the Dragon Age: Inquisition is their third major game, next to Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. I never played these two, but I believe they are also good.

Playing the game gives the opportunity of becoming the band of adventurer’s leader. Leading them has the purpose of bringing back reform on their lands. Of course, they also aim for peace. The land I am mentioning here was tattered due to political strife and civil wars.

Skies across the world are torn due to the rifting of inter-dimensional demon spewing. As the leader, it is your task to resolve the issue. By all means, the organization is divided into small groups that will manage different regions. Moreover, your band of adventurers should search for regions and locations. This is only possible by surviving every story missions. Similar with other video games, you have to survive and gather more regions to win the game.

The one hundred hours of playing is worth it. I don’t even want to eat the lunch and dinner because I am too excited to discover more regions and fight against the rift. This game has been customized by the developers. I agree with that. I was able to control over my game. The experience was fun and worth it.

Compared to its predecessors, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, the Dragon Age: Inquisition brings more twist and challenge. More opportunities were offered to the players, so gaming was brought to the next level.

I personally play the game and can testify the improvements. The game is challenging and hooks me to finish it as soon as I can. No wonder why it ranked fifth during its first week of release.

Everybody can play this video game. Aside from enjoying, you will also love the story. With this, you will able to manage small groups and work on strategies to win the fight.

I hope you find this review interesting. I guarantee the awesomeness of the game, platform and graphics. It is very professional and user-friendly.