It was my first attempt to experience a flight, when I was a 6 year old kid. My mother was a working lady. And we used to stay our every afternoon with her after the school. My sister was my partner that time and it was a great fun spending my relaxing time with both of them. One of the important reason for my enjoyment was the monochrome monitor on the table that made me fly in the sky. The game inside it used to make me really crazy.

In this article, I am going to share that incredible feel. Also the different aspects and qualities of the flight simulation have been explored in this stuff.

A flight simulator is a machine that automatically simulates the aircraft and the similar environment to be employed while pilot training and design. They actually replicates the equations manage how the aircraft fly, how they respond with the external factors like the air density, cloud etc., and also how they react to applications of flight controls.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0- the first feel

My first computer gaming experience was with the Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0. They have less projection at field and runway, limited sound effect, while the airplane never appears on screen.flightsimulation

Aces of the Pacific-slight good

As the time passed, my afternoons were passed with the Aces of the Pacific. The flight model was so responsive; climbing the runway was so easy, and it was a fun. I used this till 1995, but still there was something missing till this time. There was a lack of real flight feel.

Flight Unlimited- a real feel to fly

Flight Unlimited was the first and only flight simulation game that utilized completely different flight physics model. And gave a real flight feel.Now I found the real simulator, one of its kind, where I actually felt like being in the sky, enjoying the journey… There are enormous varieties of the gambling games available in the web world which everyone has to try for at least once.

Flight unlimited is an aerobic kind flight simulator video game developed by Looking Glass Technologies in 1995. It was the first self-published game by the company. The team at the Looking Glass realized that the present simulators are lacking the actual feel of the flight, and they thus make a coding for providing a simulating environment by this game based on the real time computational fluid dynamics.

Flight unlimited allows the players for aerobatic maneuvers. They can play freely as being assisted by the virtual flight instructors. It is a lottery for any game lover as me.