Flappy Bird, neither a video nor a computer game, is a downloadable application from Playstore and iTunes. Do you still remember Mario brothers and the green pipes? Yes, the setting is exactly similar, but without the brothers and the turtles.

The game graphic includes flappy bird, the pixilated and flying bird, and the green pipes where he should fly without making a contact with any of it. A very simple rule to do, tap your screen and let your bird fly without touching the pipes, he’s allergic to it. When you make a wrong tap, flappy bird will either lose his track or bumped to the green pipes. Expect death to flappy. I don’t know why he is considered a bird where in fact, he doesn’t know how to fly.

Flappy bird is artless, but requires a keen eye for tactics and taps. Just a wrong tap will kill your flappy. The goal of the game is to keep him flapping endlessly without hitting those pipes. I don’t know what’s on those green pipes. By the way, flappy bird is a pixilated graphic. It has a big eye with big duck lips. Well, I imagine a local comedian, but never mind.

It was January last year when the game started a hit. In a day, almost thousands of people downloaded Flappy bird, both for Android and iOS device. I don’t know what makes the game extraordinary. Since my friends keep posting updates about flappy, I got curious. So, I downloaded the app, too.

The first try was a failure. I hit my flappy bird in the first pipe. It makes me feel challenged and hardly trying to get a score. Well, I increased my scores, and eventually got two digit results. And I got the idea why the game became a hit. Yes, it is considered simple and artless, but the challenge makes it exceptional. As a player, it is in our ego to get higher scores, right? And that’s it. But there are instances that I want to delete the game or throw my phone because of annoyance.

The game annoys me, especially the big eye, it remembers me of myself. The tension of my failures is unexplainable. No words can describe my thoughts. i also love to enjoy online pokies as well being a lover of excitement and momey side by side. I only feel the accomplishments once I get higher scores. Because of continuous play and tapping, I finally got the right rhythm, until I achieve scores of 20 above. I was able to reach hundred scores, too. Well, reaching it means no blink and no breath. Yes, it’s true.

The months in the limelight was now gone. I don’t know exactly the reasons why they deleted Flappy bird in the app stores. As far as my knowledge is concerned, it reaches the highest downloads and reviews in a day. It doubled its sales and popularity, too. In fact, it became word widely known. Even children can play it.

Now that it’s gone, Flappy bird is a history. It is one of the popular games we can share the story with the next generations.