At my age, online gaming was never popular. Children used to play street games and other stuffs before. I am happy that I experienced those things, but admittedly, I also appreciate online gaming in today’s generation.

I am one of those children who rent a computer set just to play computer games, since we do not own one before. Computers, in my time, are for rich families only; we are just in the middle class. I only afford renting a computer in the internet cafe. I spend my allowances to gaming. Oops, I know this is not right, so for children reading here, please do not idolize me. Kidding!

Of course, each one of us has common experiences way back in our younger years. I never thought of playing video games before, since my mom always told me to study first. As a naughty student, I tend to go with my friend and play. Well, my mom learned about it and of course, I got something I deserve. You know what I mean. Don’t need to specify it here. I told you, we have common experiences, so I believe you experienced same.

When I grew older, I was entertained to writing. Well, I also became interested and decided to create blogs. Choosing a topic for my blog was never easy. I can’t determine my interests.

One day when I was walking along our City, I observe children playing. I reminisce my childhood days. That’s the time I realized that I should write about video games and start game blogging.

As a novice, I started from scratch. I don’t have any idea what to scribble until I finally thought about the Artful Gamer.

I have written several articles in it, but as time goes, I discover that I need to reinvent everything in my blog. I get inspiration from the best gaming blogs in starting new contents for my Artful Gamer. These blogs like,, and more offers outstanding gaming contents. I am inspired to do the same and be recognized to be one of the best gaming blogs on the web.

Now, my blog has several contents like The Dark Knight. You will know more about the game if you visit my site. I hope you will. I am still drafting several of my blogs and will soon be published. I will be more than happy if you will read my post and leave comments and suggestions to improve my site.

I am still working on other topics. Do you have any idea to share? If yes, please leave comments. Your suggestions are highly appreciated. I will do my best to write exceptional contents for your favorite games.

Sooner, you will be learning more about online games you should play. There is no harm in trying. And your age doesn’t determine the way you should enjoy. So even if you are in the mid-40, try playing online games. This is also the best way to bond and guide your children.