I played Tetris three months ago. I was in the office that moment while doing nothing, so I searched for something to do, something that is accessible. I opened my Facebook account and updated my status and stalk some people who I think worth it of my time. Well, doing those doesn’t kill my boredom, so I tried scanning for online games that will help me pass the time.

I came across with Tetris. Honestly, I want to play more of intense games like Game of the Thrones, Call of Duty, and Assassin’s Creed Unity and more. But since I am in the office, I don’t have any choice, I go with the Tetris.

I am familiar with the game. I used to play it when I was a kiddo. The slot machines also become of the big interest as the time passed. Without computers and all the innovations we have, I already encountered this battle. Well, amazingly, it looks better now. Of course, the color is very enticing, the sounds are attractive and the rules are more challenging.

The Battle preserves the same gaming method, but improves it up with great focus on multiplayer and new modes. The multi- player feature of Tetris makes it more appealing. I can play and battle with my friends. Moreover, I can talk and do some trash talks, like I used to do with video games, with them online. A chat box was merged in the platform to make the game fun and collaborative.

The Tetris battle allows you to play with two, four and six players. The system can randomly select your competitors, or you can just invite a friend to battle with you. In just two minutes, for the two player modes, it is necessary to clear the lines to win the game. Oh, not entirely to clear the lines, but you should get the most cleared lines to consider as the winner.

The maps make the game more challenging. These maps are in a form of blocks. These blocks populate the maps and are randomly arranged. A good strategy should be used to move to the next Tetris level.

By the way, Tetris is a matchmaking game. You are only allowed to compete with players with similar levels. Once you win against your opponents, you will move to the next rank. The rank names vary like a novice, hobbyist practitioner and more. You will learn about that once you play the game. Just to let you know, you move up once you win a bottle, but you also rank down once you lose. So make sure to be consistent to get the highest Tetris rank, but do not use game cheats, okay? It is always better to be challenged.

One thing more about Tetris, you can earn coins and cash. You will also lose a turn once you have a low energy level. You need to wait for several minutes to be energized. The coins and cashes will help you upgrade your levels or buy you an energy, if you cannot really wait and is too excited to play.