One of the most popular games of chance in casinos is roulette, as well as being fun does not imply great strategy and skill for the simplicity of the game. In the beginning, the roulette revolutionized the casinos because it is something innovative, however, as the years went by, the appearance of new games of a chance left behind the roulette as for many fans it started to be boring. However, like fashion and trends, old is once again something that applies very well in casino games, in the case of roulette because it was traditional, certain properties were added that gave it new attractions and Some different rules draw the attention of those who feel familiar with this game.
Nowadays a large number of variations of roulette can be found available in many online casinos like Jackpot City Canada, Ruby, 888 and more. Among the most outstanding roulette variations are the American and European styles that lead the market, however, with the introduction of new versions, only 7 are the most players around the world, although perhaps many fans did not know.

1. Back 2 Back Roulette
This version of roulette is also known as “Back to Back Roulette” has the peculiarity of optionally having a bet on the side where you will find your lucky number. In this case, a player can win 1200 to 1 in bet if a number hits two consecutive times. This variation of roulettes is very common and available at Casino Atlantis in Reno, Nevada.

2. Alphabetical roulette
With this variation of roulette, the numbers are left behind and give rise to the alphabet as part of its new design. With “alphabetical roulette”, players have 25 individual letter probabilities corresponding to the alphabet that goes from the letter A to the X. In this case, the opportunity to obtain the letters Y or Z is the same possibility of occupying the same place in the table and on the wheel.
This version is a bit more complex than the traditional or other versions since the game has 6 different colors of which 4 letters correspond to each color except for the spaces determined by the letters Z and Y that remain without any color. In alphabetical roulette, bets are made either by individual letters or also by 2, 3 or letters, however, you also have the option to bet the combination of certain letters that make up a word, for example, Party Pit, in this case, the serious bet on the letters P, A, R, T, Y or I.
The similarities that it shares with traditional roulette is that in this variation bets can also be made in a certain color or failing, a bet for dozens or in a column in general. Another great advantage is that the advantages of home reach 4% regardless of the bet that the player makes. Despite its recent launch in 2011 at Casino FitzGerald in the city of Las Vegas, it has had great public acceptance and has the approval of the Nevada Gaming Board, this favors its availability in any casino in the state. In turn, it has a version that uses cards whose decks of 25 cards are personalized; in its official website, you can find all the information relevant to this variation

3. Double action roulette
This variation of roulette has the property of involving 2 wheels in the game, one inside the other, in which, the little ball stops in the slot between both wheels and therefore 2 winning numbers in each turn. The advantage of this version is the option that the player has to bet on each wheel or at the same time. The payments of a single wheel are the same as those offered by the traditional roulette, while the betting prizes both wheels range from 1200 to 1 or between 3 to 1 and 25 to 1. This variation of roulette can be found at Casino M in Las Vegas.
4. Diamond roulette
This type of roulette is characterized by the extra colors, in addition to the traditional colors red, black and green, the roulette adds the color blue, yellow and purple, of which each is corresponding to 6 numbers. Each bet that is made to only one color will have a payment of 5 to 1, in the case of having two zeros, the player can bet on only one color and both zeros where the pay will be 3 to 1 with a house advantage that reaches 15.79%. This version of roulette is available at Atlantic City casinos.

5. Double ball roulette
This variation of roulette is perhaps the favorite of the public not only involves 2 wheels in the game but also combined with 2 balls. Although these characteristics almost completely resemble traditional roulette, the additional ball is what sets them apart. The complexity of this variation is based on the fact that both balls must win so that the external bet is winning. But if it is internal betting, each ball represents a victory regardless of where they fall, although if both fall in the same internal bet, then the win will be doubled.
This version of roulette includes a “Double Ball Jackpot” a strategy that is settled only when the two balls stop in the same slot each with their respective numbering. The advantages of the house in internal bets comprise 15.33% as the highest probability as long as the numbers are individual; however, this may vary from one bet to another. Fans will be able to find the variant available at the Tropicana in Las Vegas.

6. Fast roulette
This variant of roulette is simple and very similar to the traditional, the difference is that the chips are not deposited in the table but the player must make their bets using an electronic interface, making this game a more innovative roulette. Although it is just as fun, many people do not adapt to digital ownership and prefer a more traditional roulette. However, the way to win and prizes are still high probabilities

7. Prime Time Roulette
Finally, this variant of roulette has a side option for bets for 11 prime numbers that correspond to 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29 and 31 (those that are only divisible by it). Bets are only paid according to the number of times repeated that a prime number appears in a row; while side bets are lost each time a non-prime number falls. In this variant, payments are only once with a constant increase of 299 to 1 provided that a prime number is repeated 7 consecutive times. What attracts most of this roulette is that the payments can vary according to the version of the game practiced by the player, the odds of winning are still high and with great prizes according to the luck of the participant.
No matter how old a casino game is, even if it seems boring, the amateur community and the corresponding industries have taken it upon themselves to relive the fun of traditional games by adding some variants as alternatives so as not to lose the habit of bringing back the traditional games that were the pioneers in the origin of the world of casinos.