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Varanasi, India’s oldest city and the “Spiritual Heart of India”, lies right on the banks of Ganges and is awash in color and chaos. This historic city is believed to be where Buddhism was first established. It is also a place where many people, including Buddhists and Hindus go to pray. Christchurch, New Zealand Fred & Myrtle’s Paua Shell House A living room in a shell-adorned New Zealand home that is now on display at The Canterbury Museum.

Nevertheless, I decided to visit the Far North after I arrived in New Zealand. I spent most of November and December in the Far North, and visited a lot of beautiful, pristine beaches. For Christmas, I went up to the top of the North Island, and visited Ninety Mile beach and Cape Reinga.

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It is filled with local legends, myths, and a particular interesting story about Kuirau Park. The park is open to the public. Its boiling lake is a major attraction. The stories claim that the lake was not cold in the distant past. A Tamahika and Kuirau, a lovely man, were the first to arrive at its shores.

We could leave an icy cold Canadian winter and be greeted with a pleasantly warm New Zealand summer. * Learn to journey into theNerika, the mystical doorway of the heart that connects each of us with All of creation. The Sanctuary of Apollo, which is located in Delphi, dates back around 1500 B.C. The site of Delphi was not only considered the center of the universe by the ancients but also housed the famous Oracle who was frequently consulted regarding important decisions.

The site a great place to learn about indigenous Australian culture, witness ancient spiritual rituals, and become grounded and one with nature. However, out of respect for the locals and their beliefs, please do not climb Uluru. Read more about here. The entire complex of Angkor Wat, one of the most impressive constructions of humankind, is energetic and thought-provoking.

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The second taniwha, Whataitai, tried to follow him, but the water was flowing out of the lake, and he was stranded on the shore. His soul left in the form of a bird, Te Keo, which flew above the harbour and wept for his body down below. Mount Victoria is still known to Maori as Tangi Te Keo (‘The weeping at Te Keo’) and the area directly below it is called Hataitai.

We are connected to a lot of people and places in this country, as well as some special people. If this is something you are interested in, let us know. We can also help spiritual explorers connect to that part of New Zealand which calls to them the most.

I was house sitting on the Kapiti coast a couple of months back, near Te Horo. Your newsletter email arrived showing me wonderful things about New Zealand. I’m on an emigration webinar this evening to where …New Zealand. I also spent time in the Bay of Plenty, which has so many beautiful spots. Walking along beaches was a common activity for me – Ohope and Pukehina were my favorites.